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Amanda Furiasse, PhD

Dr. Furiasse is Assistant Professor of the Digital Humanities at Nova Southeastern University where she teaches courses on the study and application of digital technologies. She has worked at the Museum of Florida History, Mission San Luis, and Loyola University Museum of Art in curation and education, designing exhibits and educational curricula for K-12 and higher ed.

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Sher Afgan Tareen, PhD

Dr. Tareen is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for the Study of Religion and the City at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD where he teaches courses in Islam and American Religions and designs community engagement programming.

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Rebekah Coffman, MA

Rebekah Coffman is a historian and curator based in Minneapolis, MN. Her interdisciplinary research centers on themes of tangible and intangible heritage with an emphasis on religious identity as manifest in visual and material culture.






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